Aloe Records

Simple block structures, great dynamics with great noise, and perhaps a little mystery to it. Alone002 new cassette release “it works” is a conceptual collection of works by Beijing, China based musician/poet Yan Jun, from one live improvisation to two performance recordings composed by Ryoko Akama. 

“sometimes people concern if one piece of work good enough. or more detailed, is it a pleasure of listening? or is it unique? sometimes also argue “is it art/music or not”, or what kind of music is it and what kind of standard we should apply to value it. or where is it in a family tree and which tree is it. etc. i don’t care about these. i care does it work? or does it exist? alive? able to connect to others? and so on. 

a friend of mine said she always wants to hit the wall with her head when my music is in the ears. i think that’s fantastic. hit, my friend, hit it harder!” —Yan Jun

• 250g front and back printing paper. 
• professional cassette tape & bandcamp download code.
• handwritten numbering, hand plastic sealing. 
• Only 50 copies! (Only 20 copies available at bandcamp) 

Releases December 10, 2022 

Track 1: live at fruityspace, september 14, 2020 

Track 2/3: recorded at studio h, june 5, 2020 

Mastered by Taku Unami 

Released by Aloe Records 2022 (Alone-002) 


Yan Jun (颜峻) a musician and poet based in beijing. 

he works on experimental music and improvised music. he uses noise, field recording, body and concept as materials. 

sometimes he goes to audience’s home for playing a plastic bag. 

“i wish i was a piece of field recording.”