Aloe Records

Alone Series 001 is absolutely delighted to release a new album by Beijing, China-based musician Zhu Wenbo, entitled “Four Lines and Improvisation”, recorded in August 2022. Zhu Wenbo is a multi-instrumentalist and composer who is dedicated to “music that doesn’t sound like music”. He also runs the label Zoomin’ Night. 

The album contains two tracks: ”Four Lines”(A-side) and “Improvisation”(B), released in one limited edition cassette. Both tracks naturally showcase the Lo-Fi nature of experimental composition/electro-acoustic improvisation that has always been a hallmark of Zhu Wenbo’s work. 

“Four Lines” is a piece of Zhu’s recent composition with notes, a combination of high frequency sine wave electronics and low volume vocals, in which he murmurs a part (using a loudspeaker as microphone) and plays a part with an electronic oscillator. ‘Improvisation’ using a clarinet and a snare drum. With both sides of the snare drum act as microphones, the amplification of the snare drum generates feedback with the monitors; the clarinet plays a little from “Four Lines” composition and improvised the rest. The acoustic instruments and the electronic feedback are tapped against each other in a dry, slightly psychedelic way.

• 250g front and back printing paper. 
• professional cassette tape & bandcamp download code.
• handwritten numbering, hand plastic sealing. 
• Only 50 copies! (Only 20 copies available at bandcamp) 

Releases December 10, 2022 

Track A: sine tones generator, transducer microphone, speaker microphone and voice 

Track B: clarinet, snare drum, two transducer microphones and two speakers 

Recorded on August 31st and September 5th, 2022 

Composed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Zhu Wenbo 

Released by Aloe Records 2022 (Alone-001)


Zhu Wenbo (朱文博) is involved in many different music projects. He uses clarinet, guitar, mandolin, microphone, speaker, tape, percussion and more, doing compositions, improvisations, songwriting, events and publications focused on ‘music unlike music’. He runs the cassette label Zoomin’ Night. In 2019 he played in Ftarri Festival in Tokyo.