Aloe Records

Seiji Morimoto: Vibration speakers on surfaces, contact microphones, mixer

Eric Wong: Bluetooth speakers on surfaces, Max/MSP

Recording date: Nov 1 2023 @ emitter19 studio (Berlin)

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Eric Wong

Cover art originated from street

Design by Sun Yizhou

Released by Aloe Records 2024 (Aloe-004)


Tokyo sound artist Seiji Morimoto is interested in the uncertain acoustic appearances between usual objects, for example water and stones, and the technical medium. Eric Wong is both a guitarist and electronic musician. As an electronic musician, he focuses on utilizing smartphones and Bluetooth speakers for his compositions and performances.

They are both currently living in Berlin for many years. They share a common interest and research direction - exploring vibration. This album is the result of a period of time. A long, meditative experience. The amplitudes from the analog and digital sound at times clash together and you won’t know where you’re going to go.

Seiji Morimoto / Eric Wong interview on the website.



• 250g front and back printed paper.

• Professional clear cassette & bandcamp download code.

• Handwritten number, only 40 copies!