Aloe Records

Hiroyuki Ura 浦裕幸 used 4-track cassette recorder and loop-tapes with Zhu Wenbo’s sound materials, including field recordings, mandola, tenor recorder, sine tones and percussion.

Zhu Wenbo 朱文博 used portable cassette players, loop-tapes, microphone and mixer with Hiroyuki Ura’s sound materials, including field recordings, mandolin, guitar and percussion.

All sounds in 2023

Mastered by Hiroyuki Ura

Cover photography originated from Zhu Wenbo

Design by Sun Yizhou

Released by Aloe Records 2024 (Aloe-003)


Hiroyuki Ura currently performs as a solo (composition & improvisation) and in collaboration with various artists both Japanese and foreign. Zhu Wenbo is a multi-instrumentalist and composer who is dedicated to “music that doesn’t sound like music”. and he has released「Four Lines and Improvisation」on Aloe Records.

Hiroyuki Ura and Zhu Wenbo collaborate across Tokyo and Beijing. This is a new album by the two musicians, who have been exchanging recordings and re-creating them using the “tape loop” method of composition. The two have been creating music using this “tape loop” method for several years now, but in a slightly different way. Side A of the cassette features Hiroyuki Ura processing Zhu’s sound material, and side B vice versa. They have known each other for many years and this is their first album together.

Hiroyuki Ura / Zhu Wenbo interview on the website.



• 250g front and back printed paper.

• Professional clear cassette & bandcamp download code.

• Handwritten number, only 40 copies!