Aloe Records

Track 1: “all the rooms of light” (31:00), Noah Ophoven-Baldwin 
Luke Martin - no-input mixing board & electric guitar 
Noah Ophoven-Baldwin - cornet 

Track 2: “an inconsistent latency” (40:50), Luke Martin 
Luke Martin - electric guitar 
Noah Ophoven-Baldwin - cornet 

Minneapolis, USA, August 2022 
Recorded by Patrick Marschke 
Mixed by Luke Martin 

Mastered by Hiroyuki Ura 
Released by Aloe Records 2023 (Aloe-002)


The new album “aperture” is a collaboration between two Minneapolis-based composers and performers, Luke Martin and Noah Ophoven-Baldwin. Luke plays guitar and no-input mixing board, often with people in and around the Wandelweiser Group, and is part of the ensemble Ordinary Affects. Noah plays cornet and his work is a collage of field recordings, metronome and cornet. He plays and writes for Realtree, released on Public Eyesore and Zoomin’ Night. The album includes two compositions written for each other and performed together by the duo. 

Luke Martin:

Noah Ophoven-Baldwin:

“text for 
All the rooms of light 

A window in my bedroom sits facing the street and, with a nice breeze, it sings with the birds. 

I’ve considered looking into it, measuring the angle, experimenting with the window being more open or closed, thinking about the wind (?) to figure out why exactly it’s song is so good, so practiced, but I haven’t. I haven’t and I’m sure I never will. The birds don’t mind. 

The window can do whatever it wants. 

I think we have similar interests, musically. It usually sings up there around the 8th partial, the supermajor second, there are so many other tones nearby you don’t need to do much to make some nice sounds. 

No need to do much else but give it a nice breath or, on a string, a little wiggle of your finger. The breath being the wind comes and goes as it will which is exactly how I’d like it to and that’s what the window does. And for now it sits there near where I lay my head and yours too and I don’t know why it is but it’s just right. The wind sliced sings into our room filled with our life. I close my eyes and wait to hear it.” 


releases May 5, 2023

• 250g front and back folded printed paper.

• Professional clear cassette & bandcamp download code.

• Handwritten number, only 60 copies!