Aloe Records

55355 is a recording that is both outdoors and in-outdoors at the same time. It is “electric” music, but not electronic music at the same time. Recorded on 9th April 2023, it consists of four sessions, which were excerpted after without overdubbing. This may sound cryptic, but would make clear once you hear it.

• 220g front and back printing paper. 
• professional transparent flash cassette & digital download code.
• handwritten number. 
• Only 40 copies! 

released September 22, 2023 

  1. Swing 摇摆 08'25''
  2. Length 距离 09'44''
  3. Contact 接触 16'20''
  4. Prison 监狱 02'07''

All sounds by Zhao Cong 
Recorded in Beijing, April 9, 2023 
Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Zhu Wenbo 
Design by Sun Yizhou 

Released by Aloe Records 2023 (Alone-004) 


Zhao Cong (赵丛) is an experimental musician living in Beijing. She has been playing improvised music through her own approach since 2016, before and after she plays bass in rock band. When making music, Zhao Cong uses a variety of everyday objects, amplified by pickups from a variety of microphones, to bring out unfamiliar and heterogeneous sounds.