Aloe Records

Grisha Shakhnes is a composer and sound artist currently living in Israel. He moved to a new place in Holon in 2022, in which he have it recorded for the first time, as simple as the title suggests. 

Here is a place that looks out to the rear. With the windows open in his guest room, he uses analog tape samples during the creativity. From empty to full. You will hear things appear and disappear in various proportions. 

Grisha Shakhnes interview on the website. 

• 220g front and back printing paper. 
• professional dark gray cassette & digital download code.
• handwritten number. 
• Only 40 copies! 

released September 22, 2023 

  1. empty doorways 07'57''
  2. here 19'55''
  3. and gone 16'22''
  4. like that 11'25''

Recorded at home in Holon, November, 2022 
Mastered by Zhu Wenbo 
Design by Sun Yizhou 
Special thanks: Leo Okagawa, Zhu Wenbo 
Released by Aloe Records 2023 (Alone-003)  


Grisha Shakhnes is a Moscow-born composer & sound artist. He’s lived in Israel since 1992 and currently resides in Holon. He started making music in 2008, first as Mites, and switched to his own name in 2013 with the “Leave/Trace” LP, on Jason Lescalleet’s Glistening Examples label. Since then his work has been released by labels such as Organized Music from Thessaloniki, Unfathomless, Falt, Coherent States and many others.