Aloe Records

This is Leo Okagawa’s live solo electronic album, respectively, at Nanahari 七針, located in Tokyo, and Center, located in kunama, Tochigi. And he went like he’s sending and returning from the same place.

Leo Okagawa interview on the website.

• 250g front and back printing paper.
• professional transparent cassette & digital download code.
• handwritten number.
• Only 40 copies!

Solo performance at Center, Tochigi, Japan on July 8, 2023
Solo performance at Nanahari, Tokyo, Japan on July 5, 2023

Recorded by Leo Okagawa
Mastered by Sun Yizhou

Released by Aloe Records 2024 (Alone-005)


Leo Okagawa is a sound artist based in Tokyo, Japan. He started recording environmental sounds in 2014, and around that time he started making multilayered collage works from elements of recorded sounds, analog machine’s noise, and simple electric tones. He has also been working on an improvised performance since 2017. Using some electronic devices, he explores the structural possibilities of sound through the combination of simple tones.